How I Work w/ You

Initial Meeting

The first meeting typically lasts two hours and takes place at your home or office. This is a time to get to know you and clarify the issues such as objectives, experience, risk tolerance, time frame, income needs, expectations, and tax considerations. There is no charge for this.

Written Investment Profile

Based on this meeting and sometimes a written questionnaire, I write a first draft investment profile. This document than provides a basis for clear communication and expectations.

Investing and Ongoing communication

I make and monitor your investments, making changes when necessary and meet or talk with you as often as you like. We review your accounts and keep things up to date on a regular basis. Charles Schwab sends monthly statements and transaction confirmations, usually by email. Annual tax reports are sent automatically to you and your CPA.

Additional Experts

I follow the team approach. I like to know your CPA and/or attorney and your insurance agent in case issues come up best handled by these professionals. I cannot keep up with taxes as well as a CPA or the law as well as an attorney, nor can they keep up with investments like I can. It is folly for one professional to try to do it all.

Long Term

It is extremely important that you are pleased with our relationship and my efforts on your behalf. There are two primary ways my firm grows, the growth of your investments and referrals. I view referrals as a client’s highest compliment.