Why Cornerstone?

Relationship & Communication

Working with clients to properly manage their money is an acquired skill that involves careful listening to clients and applying many years of experience to understanding and meeting their unique needs within the context of changing markets. This is a dynamic process that requires communication on a long-term basis.


I work with people who want an ongoing relationship with someone they can trust. This is the main reason people hire me. I am perhaps the only president of a registered investment advisory firm in the area that has both an MBA and seminary degree. This is a ministry if done right.


I have been working with many types of clients since 1984 in all types of markets, good and bad.

Careful Analysis

You have only to read my newsletter to catch my style. I do a lot of research on the economy, the markets and individual investments. I am not a sales-oriented person but one oriented to research and client service.

Wide Range of Investments

Investments may range from CDs to stocks. However, the backbone of most portfolios is top-rated no-load mutual funds. I pick from thousands of funds, investing in stocks, income, hedge funds and other alternative investments. I may use exchange-traded funds and other vehicles to invest in other types of assets like gold, oil, commodities or real estate. What investments I use in any particular client account varies according to their unique situation.


Although I do have normal business hours, I am available to clients just about anytime but Sunday. If I am out, I forward the phone and emails to my cell phone. Anytime you call my number you get me, not a screener and not a list of menu options.


I believe a fee-only advisor relationship is the safest, most satisfactory way of working together. It removes the many conflicts of interest inherent in the commission model and compensates the advisor for management and service, not product sales. My business grows only by the growth in client accounts or by referrals, not by the number of transactions or products I recommend.

Charles Schwab

All accounts all held at Charles Schwab, the country’s leading discount broker and in my opinion, the financially strongest investment firm. Schwab’s institutional service team that I use has exceptional service. 401(k) or 529 plans are held elsewhere,. I do not hold client assets.