National Conference on Christian Apologetics – Oct. 28-29

If you are not familiar with the National Conference on Christian Apologetics, put on by Southern Evangelical Seminary, the seminary from which I graduated with a degree in . . . you guessed it, Christian Apologetics, you ought to be.

I have missed only one conference since they started somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago; I have lost count. It is held the last Fri. and Sat. of October in the Charlotte, NC area. This year it is at Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte. Cost is $65 for adults and $35 for youth, with discounts for groups of 15 or more. So far, my group has 8 but I expect that to grow. All told, they expect between 1,200 and 1,500 attendees from all 50 states and several foreign countries.

Some of our greatest Christian apologists hold forth at the conference. Greg Koukl, William Lane Craig, William Dembski, Mike Licona, Gary Habermas, Josh McDowell and others. If you read much apologetics, the discipline of defending the Faith, you know these names. If you don’t, I can say from experience that your knowledge and faith will grow by hearing them.

William Lane Craig and Mike Licona have successfully debated the top atheists and skeptics in the world. Gary Habermas helped lead William Flew, the world’s most prominent atheist to belief in God. Craig is so good these atheists will not debate him any more. Sam Harris, one of the best known atheists said debating Craig would put the fear of God in any atheist.

In addition to the group speakers, there are roughly 100 breakout sessions to choose from. I will be teaching one entitled, The Best Objections to Evolution.

I highly recommend that you go. Details are at You can also contact me at