Wealth Management

Why a Fiduciary Matters…

As a client you must trust your advisor. How do you know they are worthy of that trust?

  • Best interest of the client

A fiduciary must at all times act in the sole best interest of the client. There is no higher legal standard or stronger safeguard for investors.

  • Not all investment advisors are fiduciaries

Most advisors at banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms are NOT fiduciaries.

They are only held to a suitability standard that allows them to do things like pick from among several suitable investments the one that pays them most commissions or to recommend changes to the account that may be suitable but that may generate extra commissions for them or trigger unnecessary taxes for you. They may also accept compensation from vendors of various investment products that may influence their choice of investments. In the end, they may be simply salespeople.

  • Guidance

ALWAYS use a fiduciary to help guide you and manage your investments.

Every successful strategy starts with a plan and continues with monitoring and refining the plan as life and circumstances change.

Types of Clients

Individuals, both men and women, business owners, benefactors or beneficiaries of trusts, charities, retirees, those having gone through loss like divorce or the death of a spouse, churches, businesses in need of cash management.


CIS offers planning for retirement, estate, gift giving, reducing debts, building or repairing credit, protecting loved ones, protecting assets, retirement income, Social Security decision-making, and more.

Investment Process

I have spent nearly 40 years learning how to help people successfully achieve their goals. Over time, I have built and refined a prudent process that works and is flexible enough to handle all types of situations.