Thu 4/5/12 4:45 PM – Market Summary, Newsletter Due Out Shortly

Markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America mainly opened up lower today. Of those, only some European markets managed to finish with gains and they were small.

U.S. stock indexes opened lower and finished about breakeven today. Our markets are closed tomorrow for Good Friday. The fairly flat day today was greatly affected by early departures for the long weekend. Monday should be a more interesting day.

For bulls, the recovery from lows in the area of past recent lows was a good sign, as is a flat day today. Bears will call it a pause before continuing the decline of the last three days. Tthey feel the market is way overdue for a bigger pullback.

Bonds were higher today, while gold recovered about 3/4% today. West Texas Crude was up 1% while the U.S. dollar was higher by about 1/3%.

I am working on my monthly newsletter and should have it out either Friday PM or Monday. I think you will find it rather interesting this month. Past newsletters can be accessed by clicking on Newsletters at the top of any page on the website.