10/9/12 12:16 PM – What is a Job?

There has been an awful lot of skepticism about the recent jobs report, indeed the whole decline in the jobless rate this year, and I have certainly been vocal about that.

Did you know that when the BLS does its household survey to see who to list as employed or not, that part-time jobs are counted as employed?

How part-time? How about simply mowing your neighbor’s lawn last month? Even if he decided not to pay you after all, if you reported that you mowed his yard and expected pay – presto! – you were employed last month! Get paid for helping someone move? – yup, you are now officially employed. The president has just created another job.

The reason I bring this up is that the biggest increase in this last jobs report was in part-time jobs. That may reflect hiring for holiday help but as I say, it could be who knows what else.

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