6/26/14 – Vanguard Study on Retirement Plans

Vanguard has a study out giving information on “How America Saves.” It only has data for the Vanguard plans but that is a fairly large sample, albeit obviously influenced by Vanguard products and policies. Data is for 2013 and was published in 2014.

Here some tidbits worth noting:

Roth feature – 52% of plans with Vanguard have a Roth feature; 13% of participants chose it

Plan participation rate average – 76%

Median saving rate – 6%

Autoenrollment feature – 34% of plans

Plans offering target date funds – 86%

Overall allocation to stocks – 71%

Increase in in-service distributions from prior year – 4%

Increase in loans from prior year – 4%

The last two items signal increasing economic distress 5 years after 2008. Withdrawals average 1/3 of the account balance.