Please Do Not Fail to Vote Today

U.S. citizens enjoy the privilege of affecting their government and choosing their leaders, something many, many people around the world can only wish for. Don’t ignore this privilege and responsibility. When people with good morals and high convictions don’t vote, they are parties to the decline of our country.

Our government was built on solid moral principles and a belief in the equality of all men and women, gifts from our Creator, despite the rewriting of textbooks to extinguish any trace of the strong, motivating faith of the vast majority of our Founding Fathers.

Please do not be slack in getting out to cast your vote today. Our country has been steered badly in the wrong direction. But, that has not been just by our elected officials, it has been in large part due to the widespread moral revolution of the last fifty years that has nearly destroyed the family and made for a much more hedonistic and self-centered public and secondly by passive Christians that will not speak up, pray, vote or lend a hand in the political process.

In evangelical Christian circles two dangers have reared their ugly heads lately. One is a defeatist attitude that we are just careening toward the end of all things, so why fight it?

You don’t know that. Don’t use that opinion as a means to avoid your Christ-given duty to be a light in this dark world.

The second is the proud assertion that, “I can’t vote for that candidate because he doesn’t support ____.” Apparently you would only vote for your pastor or for Jesus. That’s a cop-out that ignores reality. Get your head back in the game.

Or, the evangelical Christian wastes his vote on a write-in candidate with no chance. That’s effectively not voting and it keeps your vote from the better of the two choices that does have a chance.

Solemnly do your part to steer America back in the right direction. It is a God-given duty and privilege that we must not ignore or we will suffer the consequences.