To Do List for Emergencies and End of Life

The most popular course I ever taught was called Finishing Well. I taught people how to get everything together so that their executor, or perhaps themselves as executor of a parent’s estate, would not find themselves in “executor hell.” The tasks also work well just preparing for emergencies like an accident or heart attack.

Probably no one other than someone that has been through it, knows how much time and work is involved in being the executor of an estate, especially if it is one of the vast majority that did not get things sufficiently organized beforehand. There are so many unclear things and the feeling that you have left something out is always there, especially when you consider that around $60 billion sits in unclaimed accounts in this country. Some time spent in cross-generational conversation and getting things organized is enormously helpful.

If you would like a copy of the to-do list, email me at and I’ll send it to you.