The Best News You May be Missing

I am the lone conservative in my family. I also subscribe to the NY Times, a high quality paper that I find aggressively and pervasively anti-Conservative. While I find that very annoying, I read it anyway because I want to be informed.

If you are a liberal, I encourage you to do the same from the other side. If you’re not, you should also listen up.

Many people assume the Wall St Journal to be a boring digest of financial news for those in the industry. While the third section is on markets and finance, the WSJ is actually a very rich source of fairly balanced news reporting and the main section is a wide-ranging news section.

The editorial section frequently has sizable op-eds from the liberal side while the paper’s editorial board puts out some of the best-written and best-documented editorials from a conservative perspective. It is always the top left editorial on the next to last interior page of the front section.

That provides some badly needed balance to the NY Times, Washington Posts and NPRs of the world – media outlets of high quality but strong anti-Conservative animosity that makes them difficult for conservatives to consume.

It seems like nearly everyone today takes in only their side’s view of the world, reinforced by their friends’ matching views, so we have two widely separated groups that don’t talk much, don’t understand each other and don’t think highly of each other’s views.

The WSJ, while definitely conservative, is much closer to the middle than the others I mentioned and a mile closer to the middle than Fox News.

The Wall St Journal has a $1 offer for 2 months of digital access or 12 weeks of both digital access and paper delivery for $1/week.

See… and take in some intelligent conversation from the other side.

I thought today’s op-ed section was particularly good, so you might start today.