The Non-COVID Blowout Bill

The WSJ main op-ed, one of the best things you can read on a regular basis, called out the House today on how much of the pending $1.9 trillion COVID relief package has nothing to do with COVID.
How much? At least $1.1 trillion, maybe as much as $1.5 trillion if you define it more strictly. For the most part, the bill is a Progressive wish-list passed under the cover of COVID relief.
At a time when federal spending over the last year has been already out of control, this is completely irresponsible. But, like a thief with someone else’s credit card, how much they spend doesn’t matter.
Only in this case, there’s no protection. You and I and our kids have to pay all this money back because it is all borrowed. The federal government has already spent far more than it received in taxes for this year.